Worldprofit, Is It Good For You?

By | January 15, 2021

Introduction: I am an affiliate marketer and proud of my success. Any link in any article I write could result in a commission to me. You will learn that I am candid in what I say and have tested the products I review. Still, do your due diligence always.

Who is Worldprofit?

The story of Worldprofit started in 1993 when George Kosch decided to take the Canadian Air Force’s early retirement. He had been playing with programming and decided that the internet was the next great adventure.

In 1994 he co-founded a small dot-com start-up called Worldprofit. He had no idea that it would grow into a company with over 2 Million Members. Nor did he know that it would still be going strong 26 years later.

Their business plan was to assist small and home-based business owners in building profitable online businesses. The name, Worldprofit, was to identify the market. It was to be a company that would provide business assistance to anyone willing to learn.

George Kosch is the CEO and still maintains an active, hands-on role as a Software Engineer and instructor. President and co-founder Sandi Hunter assist him.

Working together, they provide comprehensive services, training, and online support to a worldwide community of work-at-home businesses and affiliate marketers.

What Worldprofit is NOT

One of the traps that we see on the internet today is “Get Rich Quick With No Work.” This is not the case with Worldprofit. All their training is about building a reliable long term business and the work and expense.

Some of the tools allow you to start making some money reasonably soon, but they teach building for the long term. They help you create a business that can be passed on or sold to others when ready to retire.

I warn you, and Worldprofit warns you not to fall for the many false promises you will see on the internet. Anyone who promises you thousands of dollars without hard work and some investment is merely lying to you.

One Big Problem with Worldprofit.

Some might not call this a problem, but it was to me, and yet I do not have a solution for them. You see, with most companies you purchase an upgrade with, you get a limited number of products or services. Many times you only receive one product.

That is not the case with Worldprofit. When you upgrade to their Silver Membership, you get a massive assortment. They tell you where to start, but it is like a kid in a candy store. I want to look at this and then that until I have wasted a lot of time.

They tell you step by step how to use each item; there is just so much to choose from that I get lost. I want to look at everything, and even though George warns you about that, it is still a problem for people like me.

What Are Their Strengths?

The first strength to remember is that Worldprofit has been in business for 26+ years and have an A+ rating with the Canadian Better Business Bureau.

They have stayed in business and grown in good times and hard times. Their longevity says a lot for an online business when over 90% of the online companies have failed.

Let me list some of the other strong points:

  • They provide consistent Home Business & Affiliate Marketing training.
  • Tools and services that every business needs: domain hosting, website design tools, video and webcasting, prospect management, autoresponder, website content management, and much more.
  • Training teaches members how to get ongoing quality traffic to their affiliate marketing sites.
  • George teaches you how to tap into their massive advertising network to build your email list.
  • They teach you how to use the power of their proven marketing system that has made many millions in commissions for their Members.
  • When you upgrade, they pay for 18 traffic exchanges lifetime memberships. If you ever decide to leave, you can keep them. You can use them to mail hundreds of thousands of prospects each month.
  • Unlimited training using the hundreds of training videos as well as printed lessons.
  • Worldprofit has excellent support for any problems or questions you may have.

I Leave the Best for Last.

Worldprofit is the only company with a live person on duty 24/7 to help you close your sales and answer many of the questions you may have.

These Monitors are Worldprofit dealers who have volunteered their time to help other members earn a better living online. They work to close sales for you.

Do I Recommend Worldprofit?

Yes, I do, but only if you are really serious about building an online business. You can have the best products and training globally and still fail if you are not willing to do the work.

There is no free ride, regardless of what you see all over the internet. Those who make a good living online worked long hours every day until we became proficient at marketing.

I wasted over $25,000 that I had worked hard to earn before I settled in and started making good money. Most people quit before they learn what they are doing.

My advice to you if you are a newbie or have been around a while is to find a program like Worldprofit and stay with it until you learn to make money. Jumping from one program to another is what kills so many before they find out how to market online.


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