Working at Home – Is It For You?

By | June 20, 2019

Working at HomeWorking at Home Sounds Good

Being self-employed and working at home often sounds exciting. The thought of not having to work for anyone else, and being able to enjoy your freedom is appealing. Those who decide to take this route soon find out that this is often not the case.

Working at home, they soon find out,  actually means that they will be working long. Putting in long hard hours for a few years as they try to get their business on its feet is common. It never is easy to give up a 9-5 job and start working from home.

The difference in being self-employed is that everything rests on your shoulders. When you were working for someone else, you had to deal with things you probably did not want. Working for yourself puts the entire weight of the financial success of the company on your shoulders.

In this article, we will look at some types of businesses that you can have at home. Each of them has its pros and cons. Each type of job comes with its own set of problems. You can also Google a skill you have and find many more jobs you could do at home.

Love Animals?

If you are a pet lover, then you can consider a pet-based business from home.

You may be one of those individuals that love animals of all kinds. They seem drawn to you, and if so, this type of business is ideally suited to you.

A pet-business can involve everything from pet sitting to walking and training pets and providing supplies and toys to the pet owners. More than 60 million American homes have pets. That is a massive market for a home-based business on any level.

Most pet owners will spoil the beloved animals with anything that they find is cute, fun, and practical. So you will have many different niches in the pet market to choose from. You will need to find the one that suits you best and one where you can make a good living.

As always, I encourage you to spend some time in research. Find out all the requirements and if you can make the money working at home.

Have home improvement skills?

Home improvement is also an excellent business opportunity. It is a vast field with many different types of businesses that you can explore depending on your skill level.

This may not sound like a working at home type of job, but you will be home based.

Homeowners will pay to have items removed from their residence or even organized. If your repair skills are limited, you can always learn to clean and rearrange.

There is also specialized repair work, such as roofing, remodeling, or concrete work. You can specialize in doing simple fix-ups if you have that type of skills.

Home repairs is an excellent source of income. It is right for the person who fixes things and loves to clean and clear items from one place to another. During the warmer seasons, this is a great way to make extra income.

One of the drawbacks is that obviously, you will need the right type of vehicle when working from home. You cannot do this type of business with a car. You will need a pick-up or at least a vehicle that is capable of carrying away a variety of items. I have seen people using their car with a trailer. You must consider how you are going to move materials that you need or need to dump.

Do you type or have computer skills?

If you are good at typing and have knowledge of how to work a computer, you may want to consider medical transcription. You can do transcription at home, and if you do not have the medical experience it you can acquire it. You can brush up on medical terminology or even take a quick course at your community college.

There is more information in my article “Home Typing Jobs.”

The demand for medical transcription will not slow down anytime soon. Doctor’s offices, dentists, and even veterinarians all need someone to transcribe their records. If you are good at typing and familiar with Word documents and formatting, this is an excellent choice for you.

Are you good with computers and considering a home business where you can utilize your computer knowledge? I pay $350 for a yearly contract where they clean my computer every month. They remove the bad things like worms, viruses, and other malware. They also, fix any other little problems I may have.

You may be interested in starting a computer tech business from home. There are millions of Americans who own computers but often become very frustrated with them. This gives you an opening for your work at home business.

There are many other opportunities.

Working at Home has become very popular for many families who are looking to increase their income. They are tired of working outside of the home. Finding the right fit of you comes down to looking at your skill set. Than you must decide what you could enjoy and make enough to live the life you want.


If you have a job, don’t quit to start a work at home business. You can start in your free time. Just set aside a specific time to work on your new job. Taking your time to transition will cause less stress and let you experiment.

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