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By | September 20, 2020

Work at home can be fun!Work at Home

We have seen several so-called Revolutions in the Business World. With WWII, we saw a mass movement from small towns to industrial centers. Then we moved into the Information Revolution, and things changed again.

These days it seems that everyone wants to escape the 9-5 job and start their own business. At least work at home. With the growth of the internet and many people beginning to purchase everything online, it seems like a golden opportunity.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, we are seeing many companies sending people home to work, and many are liking it. Also, the large number of people who have lost their jobs has forced them to look for other ways to make a living for their families.

It is easy to get the idea that all you need is a website to be successful and make loads of money. Once you get your website set up, the idea is that you will see automated profits around the clock.

There is nothing automatic

There is nothing automatic about building an online business. A home-based business requires a lot of work and a fair bit of knowledge to be successful working from home. You have to learn a whole new approach to building a business.

I built a successful brick and mortar business and even sold online. When I sold that business and decided to work at home building my full-time online business, I had a lot to learn.

In comparison, I just needed to finish my Thesis to receive my Masters, and it was like starting in grade school again.  I knew nothing about building an online business.

The idea that if you build a website, they will come is false. A website is a necessary tool to have; however, it isn’t a business until it starts making more money than it costs.

Unfortunately, many would-be entrepreneurs are not prepared to put in the effort required to research a niche correctly to determine it is a place they want to work and is a paying one.

Niches are something special.A niche for your work at home.

Finding a paying niche and then creating content, products, and services for that niche is essential.  You can have an online business without a website, but if you are serious you should get one. For most people, I would recommend the best way for you to build a solid foundation for a successful online business is to start simple.

I am sure that a website will be part of your longterm business, but let’s start simple and do one thing at a time.  It is also the best way to achieve the level of success and kind of profits that most business owners need to make their efforts worthwhile.

In this article, there are two approaches I would recommend. Both are programs that I promote and if you decide to join through one of these links I will make an affiliate commission. They are both good programs, but your financial investment is different.

Two Good Programs

If you are very limited in how much money you can invest in starting a business I would recommend, AIOP.  It cost only $20 per month and they give you hosting for your website and walk you step by step through setting it up. They also include an autoresponder which you will have to have to do online marketing. You will not make as much money, but you can get started cheap.

If you can afford some money to get started and want to really learn how the millionaires do it I would recommend PWA. Anthony has a 30 lesson course that will teach you everything you need to know to make money online. The Lord blessed me with the resources to go this route, but I spent a lot and tried a lot of things before doing it.

My next article will be on the very important subject of your mindset. I have finished the article and it will be up in two days





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