How To Be Successful At Internet Marketing – The Ultimate Answer

By | June 6, 2020

Constant Change

How to be successful at internet marketing with the constant change evolving around us is a valid question. The methods of yesterday no longer work, and we have had to adjust. Technology transformed our world and left businesses with no choice but to change or die. Most companies lag in technology, and to date, are still playing catchup.

Business owners fast realize that they must have a strong internet presence to market their products online. With the COVID-19 violent outbreak, many businesses made rapid changes: some good and some bad. Many companies who had been in business for decades had to close their doors.

The fast-changing world and so many losing their job forced many to ask, How to be successful at internet marketing? Established businesses started selling as much as they could on the internet. They had to answer some of the same questions as the thousands were trying to find a new way to make a living.

people buying onlinePeople Buying Online

People were buying more and more online.  Today, due to the pandemic, people prefer buying online. They don’t want to risk the car congestion in town. And people are more conscience of catching something from other people.

Convenience is one of the main strategies sellers are using to meet the buyers online. It’s the new normal of bringing the products nearer to customers. The near lockdown of commerce globally gave internet marketing a real kick-start.

What this has done for you and many others is open the door to building a new business online. It is still hard to build a business, but the tools are cheap, and almost anyone can do it. You just need to learn a few new skills.

As an online marketer, it’s never easy because every business has its challenges. If this is your first adventure into owning a business, you will have a lot to learn. The main thing as an online marketer is keeping an open mind and be willing to learn. You will need to learn how to market whatever you plan to sell.

From time to time, people ask me how to be successful at internet marketing. My first answer is never to give up. Right now, only about 2-3 percent of those who start are successful. The number one reason is they quit. There are thousands of offers online that promise that you will earn hundreds or even thousands without any work and in a short time.

That is a bald-faced lie! When you see those foolish promises, grab your money and run. You have found one of the thousands of scams online. It takes hard work to build a business. You will spend many hours before you start making a living.

Most business people worry about how they can be successful at what they do. Online or offline, it takes effort and usually some money to build a business.  I have built businesses offline and online, and they all took a lot of work. I have spent many 12-14 hour days to make my success.

Online marketingHave a plan

If you want to know how to be successful in internet marketing, the first step to take is putting together a goal-oriented plan. **Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.** Your audience will only find you credible if you operate with a laid-out plan.

If you are just starting online and know nothing about internet marketing, I would suggest that you first go to Wealthy Affiliate and take their 10 free lessons. You will not learn everything you need to know, but you will understand enough to build a plan. (I am a member, and if you purchase their more advanced training, I will receive a commission.) You do not have to buy anything or give them a credit card to get free lessons.

Your plan has to be logical and straightforward. It should focus on achieving successful internet marketing goals. Take the time to write out the steps you will take to achieve your goal. The plan may require expertise that you lack individually.

Two Options

You have two options here, you learn how to do it, or you pay someone to do it.

If you are starting and have no money to hire it done, you will have to learn how to do it. Today there are several ways you can learn. YouTube has videos on almost everything. Just be careful and don’t get sucked into a high priced solution.

Another solution is to have a partner with the skills you need. I like to do everything myself, but I do hire work done all the time. I write well, but I often hire articles written for me so I can work on other things. My time is more valuable in promoting my website.

Today you do not have the expense of providing an office for your coworker. Almost everyone is now working together from different locations online. You have to create room to accommodate a partner who has the skill set that you lack. Use your strengths and hire your weaknesses.

Another notable point is that not all plans are foolproof. You may realize that a particular methodology is not practical. Make your plan flexible from the start, and you will have to make changes. Your plan will need to be updated as you learn.

Remember that a simple plan is better than an impressive plan that only looks good on paper. This plan is what will keep you focused on what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

Ensure that your brand is outstanding

The brand is usually the face of a business. To make your brand outstanding, you have to ensure that your logo is enticing and can bring you more clients’ traffic. Your brand alone cannot build a successful internet business, but it will give you a good start.

You want to look impressive to your potential clients. They must be able to differentiate you from your competitor through a unique brand name, description of your products, mission, vision, and others.

The ability to visualize and express how your products work or the story behind the brand name will be what draws a person into your business. What they see first is what draws prospects in and helps convert them into customers.

Create a high-converting website

Creating a high-converting website is the most straightforward answer to how to be successful at internet marketing. This strategy, when done right, enables you to dominate the market.

There is one danger that traps most new intrapreneurs. They try to market too large a prospective field. You can not reach everybody. You need to be selective and narrow down to a small niche of the market.

An example of a niche is the owners of a Ford Escape as a segment of all Ford products. The narrow your niche, the easier it is to market to them.

Your website gives you a place to send your prospects to so you can convert them into a customer. You need it to stand out from your competitors. It should have useful information that will help the visitor become a customer.

You must have traffic to be successful at internet marketing.Drive Traffic

Once you have a website in a well-defined niche, your next step is to drive traffic to it. Traffic is the most critical part of building your business.  Even a lousy website will make money if you drive enough traffic to it. However, please understand that all traffic is not equal. Do not buy traffic off Fiveer where you get 100,000 hits for $10. This type of traffic will hurt you, not help.

You only want to drive potential customers to your site. There several ways to do this, basically free and paid. I have listed two fundamental methods that are free, and I believe the best. I will have to leave other methods for another article.  On my website, BizOpt, you will find traffic as a   menu item.

This traffic is only valuable if you have your website set up to convert visitors into customers. You can have a great website and get a lot of people to it and not make any money. Your website should be sit up to convert visitors into customers from the very beginning if you want to be successful at internet marketing.

With a website that converts, you can afford to start paying for targeted traffic from places like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.  They are able to target prospects from their databases that are interested in what you are selling.

Targeted traffic is a sure way to get leverage over competitors and stay ahead. You will be able to make more money than depending on free traffic alone. Investing this money to increasing your traffic becomes affordable and realistic.

Below are three ways that you can get free targeted traffic. SEO traffic, getting your posts to go viral and giving away free thinks.

Set up an SEO strategy

The use of links, tags, and headlines helps your strategies for online marketing. Also, staying active by frequently updating your blog with good helpful content helps out in establishing your website with Google. Google will send free traffic to any site that offers good consistent content.  So devote time to SEO (search engine optimization) because it’s a process that is vital.

You might require the help of professionals to help you increase your ranking, but the information is available for free. Most of your competitors will not work on it, so if you put forth a little effort it will be advantageous. Through an adequately set strategic search engine optimization, you will notice a significant improvement in your traffic flow.

The main thing that search engines want to see is good content with well-defined keywords. Posts that are easily understood and where the reader stays on the site for more than 30 seconds help Google rate them.

Go Viral

When you write a post, it is excellent if you can tie it to what is trending at the moment. Things move very fast In the current times of a digital era, and people are interested in what’s trending. As a marketer, focusing on the latest trends is one way to get free traffic. However, it must be relative to your products.

Your post’s main objective is to convert prospects into customers while informing them of something useful. Everyone wants information about what is trending.  The trending news in your post is what can make it go viral.

We all want to chip in when we meet with friends and discuss the latest celeb gossip.  Feed the masses with the trends they are craving. To use trends, you have to be on your toes at all times. Be the first to know and share the latest news on what you are marketing.

Be bold; do not be afraid of controversy as long as it’s positive. You must be able to create creative content on trends that will spread quickly. Website traffic will increase, and you will get more sales. It will give the website the attention that you need as a marketer. You might even be lucky to get endorsements, which will make your brand more prominent.

Have free offers

We all love free things in life. Whether you are selling a product or service, consider having free offers. It will entice more people to your website to buy your product.

Your gift does not have to be an expensive item, but it does have to be something of value. Since I write a lot, I give away free ebooks about marketing and sometimes video courses.

The only rule I use is that it must relate to the product that I am promoting. You want it to link to your business so you will attract a targeted visitor. When I give away an ebook or a how-to article, it cost me nothing, but it may help my prospect.

Get creative with your free offers. You can conduct surveys, run contests, or have giveaways when one makes a purchase or visits your site. You can also use it to build a mailing list so you can send out emails about sales. Your mailing lists is a little like having money in the bank. When you need extra sales you send an email.

In Conclusion:

So we hope this article will help you understand how to be successful in internet marketing! Another good article that might help you is on my Home page.



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