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Please feel free to contact me with any question about your internet marketing efforts. I have been marketing online for almost 20 years and have learned enough  to answer many of your questions.

If you ask a question I do not know the answer to, my associates at Wealthy Affiliates will help me. We are a community of 1.4 million and you can not ask a question that one of us has not researched.

Many of my associates have been online longer than I have and have greater knowledge  in many different areas. That is one reason I recommend that my followers join Wealthy Affiliates. You can join as a free member and get 10 free lessons that will answer many of the question and you do not have to wait on me.

I do want you know that if you upgrade at Wealthy Affiliates or most of the links on my site that I will receive a commission. Making money is the most common reason that my followers come to this site. I want to make money and I assume that you do too. Affiliate commission are the standard way to fund what we do.

With that said, I wish you success in all your endeavors. Just remember that the contacts you make online are also people and you should treat them with respect.

You may also find some helpful information on our about page.

I will try to reply to you within 72 hours of the time you contact me. Usually much faster.

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