Buce Fleming I have been marketing on the internet since 2000 and during that time have learned a lot that I would like to share.


Most of my working years I spent as a business owner or raising money for children’s ministries. So I have a lot of experience in business and marketing to use in my online businesses.

Is this enough to make me successful online? NO!

Some things are the same- you must:

  • Have a plan to succeed. Luck will rarely get you where you want to go.
  • Be willing to commit the time and resources needed.
  • Research the business before you commit yourself.
  • And you must be willing to give it time to develop. It will not happen overnight. Anyone who promises that it will lies

My job with this website is to help as many as possible to avoid the many pitfalls in the online business world. If you read the posts and apply them, you will move toward your goals of having a fulltime home business.

This process also involves a special mind set to keep you on track. You will need to start thinking about how you will schedule your time and resources. You may be working at home, but you need to set hours and be faithful to them.

As you become successful marketing on the internet I hope that you will remember to share. The knowledge you gain can help others who may be starting out. We all need each other.

Are you really serious about an online business?

I am committed to saving you as much time and money as possible. There are many pitfalls to avoid when marketing on the internet and I want to give you a little free advice.

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