Hopefully, we can help you to gain the experience you need to succeed in the niche you have chosen. We have made many of the mistakes and hopefully, we can help you avoid some of them.

Of course, we all make mistakes when we start a business, and even when we try to grow an established business. So let us dig in and learn what we need to know to make things go smoothly.

We can avoid many mistakes if we take the time to learn what works and what does not. There are many business opportunities available to you today. If you already have a business you can always make it better and we would be glad to help.

There are three main areas that slow are kill business growth. If you are not willing to jump in and work on there three your business has very little chance in today’s fast-changing world. So let’s take a closer look at each of them.

First – Training

It is easy to say that you went to college or you are a hands-on learner. The truth is that all of us need to be in a constant learning mode. Whatever you do you need training. Nothing stays the same and that is especially true in today’s world.

You may have a great mind and have had good training in the past, but today is a new day. If you are young you may not even know about some of the old ways to build your business. It is possible that you understand many of the new marketing methods. This does not mean that you can not improve your skills.

I go to training all the time and I spend a lot of time reviewing areas that I have studied in the past. You may have all the skills to build a successful offline business, but commerce is always changing. Skills will need to be upgraded to meet the changing business environment. You need to be constantly alert to the business environment.

Most of my business is now online due to the many business opportunities where I don’t have to leave home to make a living. Because of my choice to work online, I refer back to the great training at Wealthy Affiliate.

They offer an extensive library of marketing lessons to help you stay up to date. Their first 10 lessons are free and extremely important to anyone wanting to start an online business or even promote their offline one.

If your business is going to compete you must learn how to market in changing times. To stay ahead of your competition you will have to use online marketing and you will have to learn how.

Second – Marketing – Materials

Business cards are still important in this digital world. They are inexpensive and easy to carry and handout when you meet people. Business cards give you credibility. It may seem odd but they are very important in online marketing as well. You will meet people that you may want to get to your site and they will not remember if you just tell them. (This will also help convince those who are skeptical about your business.)

If you are trying to build business relationships the rule of thumb is to give a person a business card. And keep on until they call you by your first name. So they are good for offline and online businesses.

You want your business card to be up to date and have something to make it stand out from other cards. This is one of your cheapest forms of advertisement. (Except of course signs for those who have a brick and mortar location.)

If your business has contact with prospects you need a brochure. It does not have to be real fancy. The purpose of the brochure is to give an explanation of what you do and how it benefits a prospect.

Do not just think of a physical brochure. You should have a digital version on your website.

Depending on your business you may also need many other types of printed material. Don’t think that just because everything is seeming to go digital printing is out. It can still be very effective. The thing that we always have to consider is the value compared to cost. Is there a cheaper way to get your message to your prospect.

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